Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

See it – or disappear!

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This headline was written on an invitation to a Social Media convention last month. Of course we could discuss about questions like, is it to rigorous, to drastic and so on – but I think we should have a view on another market, were similar thoughts were observed during the last years. It is the market of Business Intelligence (BI), ERP and Executiv Information Systems. What was the development of this market. The market is divided in two parts, those who play the BI game and those ignoring the fact that decisions should be made on the base of facts, key data and management ratios. The first group is mainly dominated by large-scale companies, the second group tends to have more members in the small business area. This distribution might be understood if we recognize the enormous price levels of early software and consulting tools. But since the year 2000 more and more Open Source solutions with prices becoming lower and lower till caused a dramatic shift in the market. Today the Open Source solutions were market leader, every one can get community-solutions cost-free and that also in a wide-spread of bundled features. And also if there is no technical background in a small company, they were able to pay specialists to install and configure those systems. The consultant market has developed to a stage were nearly every one is able to use this tools.

See it  – or disappear. The descent of the ignoramus.

Today the BI market discusses intensively the fact, that is seems that there will be no bright prospects for the future. And also the fierce competition seems to have no influence on small business companies – the intent to go on making decisions on a gut level. Even if they see their descent, they will ignore it. This is no assumption – it is a market observation and confirmed by surveys.

Where is the link to Social Media, why telling so much about the BI market?

The Social Media market shows equivalent behaviour regarding the ignorance of small and medium business companies – especially in Europe. The mainstream opinion in this group is still, Social Media is still writing on Facebook, that my coffee is cold. That there is a third word – Marketing – is ignored. The tremendous support of Social Media Marketing especially for small business is answered with sentences like “I don´t believe that”, “My clients don´t want that”, “I don´t know anyone using …”. No joke, some days ago I heard these opinions in a workshop for a new prospect. You may think now, ok that´s it, go home. But the workshop went another direction. One member of the group was a team of a marketing company. They told than, what they catched from the workshop – they detected that Social Media Marketing mostly is reduced on the idea of using Facebook…. or twitter …or..

Lots of companies think Social Media Marketing is done when they´ve installed a “Like” button on their homepage. Of course, the result will not be success. This experience and the “coffee is cold” – posts let people think Social Media is only a game. The reality is totally different, Social Media marketing is a complex thing is it is used seriously. I can only give you warning of usage of only one tool. Social media Marketing works perfect – if you were able to conduct the whole orchestra. The marketing company realized that during the workshop and at least it was their awareness, they talked about what shifts the workshop to a successful result.

See it  – or disappear!

See it serious! I can´t abide people who only leer at clicks on a web page and if they were not able to promote that themselves, they buy those clicks. If you see Social Media Marketing serious, then you will also abide these tactics. The usage will damage a whole market – in that case we should not worry about themes like, do we go the same way than BI or do we need a global brand for Social Media Marketing. I think we will need one – I am working together with two of the world leading experts on the task to organize this global Social Media Marketing brand.

This is Lucia Sanders, Atlantic News Bridge


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