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B2B & Social Media – Amazing Deal

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2011 at 12:00 am

Two days ago my article reported the first steps of a company into Social Media. The current development is amazing – I am overwhelmed by the fast ongoing requests of that company and their surrounding. Two days ago you could read about the retailers ( the customers of my client ) and their wish to contribute the collaboration system with it´s embedded Social Media. And what then happened was not part of my mentioned plan – but it is the very best proof of what Social Media is able to do.

Going along the supply chain

Today I got the phone call, tha the retailers came up with the request to find a way to provide a concerted usage of the new systems by the retailers as well as the connected producers … great idea! The infrastructure they intend to have is a network build by the buyers alliance ( my client ) in the middle and the producers and retailers around. The idea should be, to organize a direct and close contact to the producers and suppliers.

  • We talked about the advantage of such a network and they know already the simple answers:
  • Fast and simple way from market to producer
  • Load removal in the alliance back-office from some daily business
  • The back office then may focus more intensely on their entire job – marketing
  • Chance to install an integrative marketing strategy, influenced by the producers, the buyers alliance and the retailers

And now the main question

Is that a job for Social Media or a job only for a collaboration system? You may guess the answer. Most items could be handled by a collaboration system, but one thought brought the decision to use Social Media embedded in a collaboration system. This thought was born by the possible nest step – connecting the end-user!

Is this the maximum effort of Social media?

Amazing, in fact these people did really understand Social Media! For them it is a way to connect the end-users, the retailers, producers and their buyers alliance as their conductor in the middle. And the Social Media will involve and engage the end-user in the whole process to supply goods he/she really wants. The end-users voice at home will be heard directly at the producers site and the whole way is embedded in one system. This strength will cause a deep feeling of trust and a seriousness.

Well this step will be done later, the next one will be to get the producers on board. I will keep you informed.

Have a nice weekend. This is Lucia Sanders, Atlantic News Bridge


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