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Tech-Collaboration with Social Media

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2011 at 5:35 pm

This article is a call for help and support.  In another read ( article ) you may find the announce of a start-up found by a student group – share-tec. They want to start a platform for technicians. This should be a development and collaboration platform, where hard engineering stuff and procedures should blaze a trail into daily usage. These young people will share their knowledge to develop things under an open source idea – nothing should disappear in a black box. That is  – in my opinion – a great idea. Open source in software has shown that it works and I really hope that they will have success with bringing the open source idea into the hard tech field. It is so important, because we all know procedures, engines, things scientist and technicians have developed … and after then it disappears in a black box, a black hole and the world would never have the favour of using it. Even if the tech-solution might have had an important impact on our world.

That should now be changed!

But how can we – all Social Media experts – support this idea. Actually they were programming their collaboration platform. But they need to have a big audience to spread their idea of open source over the world. Of course, that is our virtual business. Sharing is their central theme and I hope they will get lots of ideas, suggestions and advice to start also their Social Media home base.

Please sent me all your ideas as a comment on this article – they will see it and we all together may help them to lift off their share-tec idea.

Please share this news. Have a successful day, this is Lucia Sanders, Atlantic News Bridge


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