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B2B lifts-off

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Writing here is similar to riding a one-way road – there is no one coming up to me. This thought is one I often hear, when I talk with companies about Social Media and responses from their target group. If you write something in the web, your blog or twitter does it not always mean you will get a response in the same channel or way. That is right, but is that also a measure of the success? Means fewer responses automatically fewer success?

4 reasons to go ahead

We have had a meeting with a client yesterday and that was one item we discussed al lot about. Aside from questions clients may ask on your blog or something else, there is another road your clients will come up to you. You arrange the contact to your clients, serve them with valuable information and their response will come mostly on another road and you can identify the responses as trust, clients feeling confident with you, customer satisfaction and revenue. These are the answers of your Social Media work – if you do a good job. Of course that means as well, doing a good job causes increasing revenue.

Let´s think about some ideas how B2B may do a good job.

And we will assume you are a wholesaler or a buyers alliance. Your support for your retailers is an obvious base line and a field where Social media should be used which is in lots of papers described. Today we will make some more strategic thoughts. One strategic moment is your Marketing. I would be a fatal error, if you see your own Marketing disconnected from the Marketing of your retailers. The goal you have to follow is forward your own marketing strategy to your retailers. It´s all very well to say, especially when you detect how colorful the group of individual retailers is. Of course every one of them will keep his individuality in his store. And that is important and one of keystones also of your success. Your task will be finding the big brace, the roof or umbrella under which all your retailers can work feeling comfortable with you.

 Yes, we are on the way defining a family brand.

And all your retailers should stand up for this brand. Achieving this need a lot communication effort by you. I really guess communication – talking AND listening. I really mean business, when I suggest you should involve your retailers in this process of generating this family brand. And be sure – I have made this experience – it will take easily one or two years. No matter …. during this time you find your community growing and becoming stronger. Social Media with the different channels Facebook, twitter and blog ( I will confine myself on this three channels ) support this more than conferences and meetings. My experience is in a meeting or conference there only a part of your audience is active at one time. The members of this part change .. . hard work to discuss a new brand and what should be the keystone of this brand.  The blog gives you the opportunity to share information with your retailers, it is the place where you organize all snippets into a perfect picture. Twitter is the discussion platform, where you can share some ideas and thought very quickly. Short comments, hints and links. And later than there will be the time to come out with your brand and showcase the groups ideas. You may do this step on Facebook, an internal group will be the next community home for your retailers. You have organized the audience and your retailers will directly receive the applause.

You´ll have organized the growth of this new brand, you´ll have found the success – you will have done a good job. Remember the beginning – good job means increasing income.

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This is Lucia Sanders, Atlantic News Bridge


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