Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Social Media – supply chain for B2B

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Yesterday and the day before the articles mentioned the impact and success of Social Media in small business. That economic success in B2C is highly correlated to the assignment of  Social Media is evidenced a lot of times during the last year. This assignment is obvious if you remember some numbers, which were presented in the following clearly arranged picture ( today found on ).

Social Media in numbers

What should B2B do, when they want to engage in Social Media?

During the last few articles here and in countless other sources in the web we could read about the importance of truth, trust and sharing information. Especially the last point is relevant if B2B will go the Social Media way. The yesterday mentioned survey in Australia showed that expecting to be well-informed by a company is one of the most important items people use to make their quotes about a company. Of course you may now insert that those experience was related to the end consumer. Yes you were right. People working for B2B suppliers are in their private life also end consumers – why should their behaviour be totally different during work hours? But the more important spot is, small business companies normally do not have the human resources to manage their complete Social Media tool set. And 100 B2B clients who sell perhaps chairs would waste time if they all have to prepare the expected information for their end users. You may say, ok that doesn´t bother me …. but think about your competitors. If you, a B2B supplier, take care on the requirements of your customer and deliver information he has to forward to his clients on a regular basis, then you will gain trust. Your B2B clients can work with comfort and satisfaction.

As a B2B company you should make the information requirements of your customers to yours. That will produce a real connection and a community. Share this in an open way. Go ahead and implement further adds, like an end user information web site for your clients – customized  for them. That will cause a strong connection and it will increase your revenue. These are the actions wich yield the boost of your business.

That is what Social Media means – the tools you may use are one part –  the other part, the content and that “how to use” is the more important part.

Lucia Sanders


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