Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Social Media – Reality or Remote Possibility?

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No question, I don´t want to explain the valuelessness of Social Media, but I also don´t want to write a fan post. We all explain to be serious with our way of building up a community with the consumers, clients and prospects. It is obvious following these basics also in our own business.
Stumbling thru the vast quantity of provided information in the web I found an exciting item, at least a crucial point, when I compared all the statistic material we were supplied with. There is a real fill of stats showing us the success of Social Media for each size of companies. And the later the time is, the higher the amount of Social Media users – successful users – grow.
But then I found some material from a survey made on the total community of companies, more than 2000 were asked about their behaviour using the web and Social Media. The result is awesome, amazing …. not because of reality beats the possibility. In some items the reality looses extremely compared with the overall published overwhelming spread of Social Media.
Some results are:
In Australia we find two-thirds of all people using internet use social Media – that is what we always read –> reality meets expectation
We also find there some 60% of all internet users ( nearly 97 % of all Social Media users) were using Facebook as their social network  –> meets expectation

Only 14 % of small businesses have a Social Media presence ===> exciting awareness
Less than 5 % of the attracted marketing budget went into Social Media activities ==> we move slowly towards remote possibility
12% of the Social Network user use the channel to research products and companies/brands. ==> we can work with that

What are those 12 % looking for? The answer is, product information, discounts, giveaways and events they might be invited to. This is the real amazing answer! The people following a company or brand in the web have two single and simple expectations,  a) monetary benefit and b) wish to communicate a company. Of course the task of Social Media is not to communicate discount after discount. That is the previous time of well-known advertisements. And exactly that the recent survey has also shown. If you bore people with adverts on your web site you will lose them immediately and they will “unlike” your company in most cases.
The other half of the people´s expectations is …. communication, reading recommendations and get helpful answers from the contacted companies.

So what does that mean?

Exactly all items the Social media discussions in recent days were found. Exactly all tips and hints you can read in lots of publications were right. Let me summarize them into a few points.

  • Provide usable and helpful information to your followers
  • Don´t spam with old information, all have read hundreds of times
  • Be reliable and consistent with your publishing work
  • Be authentic and at least the most important point
  • Do not sell in an aggressive way, no adverts on your web presences.

Do me the favour and share this content and where you have read it – and fell free to tell others about “Atlantic News Bridge”.
Thank you for reading,
Lucia Sanders


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