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Social Media and the extended counter

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Eric Goldstein wrote today about the matter of size in Social Media. You may find his article on There he clearly explains that size has only a limited influence on the ROI you gain with Social Media. The question of size will be asked to the company – is it a blue chip or not -, it will be asked to the friends and followers, respectively the pure number of them, it will also be asked to the amount of activity in a specific Social Media. And there is in no way a significant correlation between size and success of the Social Media activities.

That leads directly to my personal theme of this article, the question if small business should start thinking about engaging in Social Media. If size has no causal influence on Social Media success, than there is no doubt – it is a must do!

Then let us also have a view on the way they may go. It makes surely no sense to organize a blog site on which you present theatre programs from New York when you drive a drugstore in let´s say Roma. If you open this field of questions you may find quickly that twitter  and Facebook will contain problems too.  So let´s have a look how to go around.


Twitter provides you with the feature of filtering feeds which come from the close surrounding – what means you may concentrate exactly on your appreciated area.


Location data were recently a well known theme in news papers – sure you know that Facebook can work with it. But it is the question if you will start using this feature in the first step – I would suggest no. It will make much more sense to start a special user group. Let us remain at these two Social Media. We have seen, they provide you with the needed features. With them you can reach your close surrounding. The only problem is – if you go your first step, you will have no community, not a single friend abide perhaps your family. This will effort spending a lot of time building up
your community and during this time you will have to face all the problems bigger companies have to deal with. But – do not stumble – these are really not your problems. Fact is you have one community – all the people coming into your shop day after day, hundreds or thousands.

Tell all those people, that they may find you now also on facebook. Tell them, what you will do there. Provide some rewards for your good clients, maybe also rewards for recommendations and so on … I see you have much more ideas than me. Not? Then let´s try, ask me – we can work together on that.

The result is you simply have to connect you, your clients and your store and you have the best place for that. The initial place will be your store and then you extend your counter into a Social Network.

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Thanks for reading,

Lucia Sanders


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