Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Social Media things we should adopt in Europe

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2011 at 12:06 pm

A short survey of the Social Media Scene in Germany opens the following image:

  • Less than 30 consulting companies
  • Less than 20 freelance writers, writing for company blogs
  • Less than 10 Social Media events like conferences, mostly very small
  • If you seek with the words “Social Media Markt” in Germany – you will get less than 300
    answers from search engine
  • Another survey elevated 12% of the asked companies use Social Media – mostly to carry
    information about new products.

I have found nearly no one using Social Media to found a connection to the costumers based on trust. And all act well knowing, that a decision to buy this and not to buy that is based with 80% on recommendations and trust in the supplier. Using facebook and twitter to throw out adverts and offers to consumers is not the way of gaining trust as a bounding feeling between consumers and suppliers. Please, people in the industry and the companies around, recognize how you would feel if there would someone dump his offers on your table – of course packed in a joky advert – and you see in his eyes the strong will to go directly into sales, forgetting the selling, ignoring what you like or what you don´t like. He doesn´t know it, because his information is mainly based on market surveys. Those people have the arrogance trying to close their sales without knowing you.

Of course it is easy to follow, that this behavior might have been accepted a few years ago (and a lot of people have to abide it in recent days in some European countries) – but talking about a global market also means changing in buying behavior, not only movement of production places. The industry as well as the small business, those small suppliers around the corner,  will have to change their mind. Even if they want to sell abroad.

Where do they have to focus on? Here are some basic steps.

  1. Speak with your customers and those you will get as customers. Do it with words-of-mouth! That might be done thru a  video on your website, which is linked to your community site (perhaps facebook). It might also be done with a written conversation on facebook or
    twitter or answering questions and discussions by mail or on your company blog. Trust is extremely connected to real people – show your customers who is behind the company. It is not the sales department – it´s YOU!
  2. Try to help your customers and explain how you want to do that. Share this with the people, involve the people – there is also a lot of expertize, because they know your products, because of using them. But only commit yourself to do things you will surely achieve! You
    will gain a trustful community.
  3. Do not all of this together and at one time. One possible way might be this one. Start with a facebook account, integrate it in your website and start talking with the people. Try to figure out what they need and want and decide the next step to go based on your experiences. The small shops and trade companies have a great advantage.  They can communicate these steps also inside their shops.

If you want to change this above at the start mentioned situation or if you intend to change your purchase behavior, just do it, try it or ask people to support you. I will support you with the Atlantic News Bridge and with all the connected people in the Social Media community around the world. I am a part of this huge community and we all will work hard to earn your trust.

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