Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Social media – looked beyond the border

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Well, if this blog should become a bridge, I have also to write posts in German language – this will be the first one … and now the translation.


Participation in the investigation

This chart is from the Social Media Industry Report 2011,, Michael A. Stelzner.

It shows the involvement of the countries listed in percent. If someone from Germany was here, he / she is included in the 14% (all others). 64% represents the proportion of respondents who were from the United States. Sure, this distribution was not formed on the basis of considerations which had representative surveys – but probably this distribution reflects the importance of social media in these countries.

Significant differences between Europe and the U.S.

This all fits in the analysis of the social media people. An analysis for the German speaking I myself have conducted revealed the following picture:
• Very low number of freelancers, authors and service providers who work for companies in social media
• Compared to the USA in Germany the overwhelming majority are men behind publications in social media – in the investigation of Michael A. Stelzner, however, 60% were women. This is also my personal view on the social media scene in the States.
• blogs and even video-networks of social media authors play in Europe almost no any role in the market – just this weekend in Miami is a Summit of Social Media authors

SheCon 2011

SheCon’2011 in Miami

The market is larger than many imagine today

Comparing the content that can be used in Social Media related web publicationsa, one remarks with some surprise, serious differences between the U.S. and Europe. In Europe it is just beginning of the enormous economic benefits of social media to recognize – this weekend, I found three detailed articles in popular newspapers in Germany and Switzerland – whereas in the States the advertising power of authorship has created its own market. The high number of readers on this blog and information pages cause there more and more companies look to these, the direct route to consumers. Currently a decoupling of social media of the original brands and companies takes place. They use these tools still intense, but they increasingly penetrate into the potential customers that were provided by the social media sites, especially the blogs and Facebook pages of the blogger directly. A writer with 50,000 readers, thousands of Facebook friends, and even more twitter-follower is a serious factor in marketing. Namely, it provides a significant advantage – the trust of their readership. Exactly that do the companies need to develop!

PR agencies shrink

That sounds hard now, it is hard when you look at the monetary side. In previous years, most of the advertising budgets moved to these agencies. That decreased during time, there was a leveling of revenue between all involved in PR and marketing. Today, a second wave of contraction processes happens – it will be heralded by social media. Why? The blogger, as I have just described, has a huge advantage – the confidence that their readership has in her. In addition, it is not a corporation or company, it is a real person and the more you can find trust, ask for advice, contact her, ask for reviews and experiences …. just do everything that actually does social media. Considering that a purchase decision depends with 90% on recommendations, it is clear where the journey will lead us in social media. At least not in the European, rather technocratic way to run as straight as possible transaction itself.

Medium-sized and smaller companies

This will be a topic of a following article – because for these companies social media plays a relevant role. As nearly 80% of the companies which used social media confirmed there is a significant reduction in costs associated. So just for companies with low budget social media is a good solution. More later.

Lucia Sanders

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