Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Social Media and Alliances

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Where do we find Social Media dedication in Europe? In less than 50% of all European online
shops we find elements of Social Media and nearly 90% of them are not connected
to a single brand, they work as independent sales channels for a basket of
brands. That means, there is no strong commitment of brands to Social Media and
if you will find such a commitment, you might be sure that you have seen an
international brand or company – not more than 5% of all online shops together
in Europe.

You see, I started writing about shops – the idea, that Social Media and branding is a
couple that should start working before a shop goes online, seems to be a little
bit strange. Now you might agree with me, the medium-sized business – that is
something around 80% of the European economy – is far away of the ideas of
Social Media. But being in competition with the big players every day raises
the effort of organized alliances by themselves. We find such alliances for
example as buying alliances. They are the group which could, should and must
start their business together with Social Media. They can organize the collaboration
between the small companies and – it cannot run better – by doing that they are
directly in the middle of Social Media and Marketing business. They have to
build a community for that, the internal community of the alliance and that
causes also trust when they talk to their customers.

Preparing this field is one successful way for small companies to win the competition and
on the other hand it is a new market for Social Media,  what means for us.

It is also a good way – as I think – to adopt American experiences with Social Media and
communities to the European market.


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