Social Media Bridge between America and Europe by Lucia Sanders

Our Intention

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The Idea

“In Western Europe, companies are using social media as a source to actively  find new contacts and business leads,” said Antonia Contato, program director of  the Worldcom B2B Practice Group and account director at HBI  Helga Bailey GmbH in Germany. “Our counterparts in the U.S. take a different  approach, promoting company thought leadership via social media in order to draw  leads in.”      (from: )

And what there is written is only one out of a couple of differences. I am not interested in dividing groups by their differences – my intention is to build a bridge between America and Europe. It is amazing how important Social Media is in the States and I can say I love it how they handle this task. To figure out what is the european way to use Social Media is one task of “Atlantic News“.

Atlantic News will be the platform for american and european industry and companies to learn how each with the other side uses, think and feel Social Media. And I am sure both sides, America and Europe, will than go abreast and will be able to work on one common Social Media idea.

Lucia Sanders


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